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Article 108-630
3 masks (3 treatements)
€ 19.95
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Lifting Mask is a cosmetic product able to promote an extraordinary lifting effect on face wrinkles thanks to the wonderful properties of its ingredients. Besides its anti-inflammatory and hydrating effect make the skin look healthier and luminous.
Lifting Mask has been developed by applying an innovative technology that triggers an extraordinary release of active components. This helps obtain more efficient absorption levels and much higher delivery times than the ones related to traditional releasing forms for topic use. Thanks to this technology we are able to supply a product exalting the characteristics of introduced plants extracts much better than well known creams, lotions, gels, pastes and ointments. Therefore, due to an osmotic effect created by the mask local application, part of the water attracted on skin surface evaporates as effect of external body temperature, giving an agreeable sense of freshness and part of it locally participates to improve face skin hydration.
Hydroxypropyl-cyclodextrin presence is able to create a tensor and smoothing film on the skin surface that immediately levels wrinkles and revives complexion instantaneously.
Aloe is a natural plant rich in polysaccharides (acemannan, arabinogalactan, ramnogalacturoman, glucomanglycan) and containing aloin and emodin. Thanks to such a content, its extracts can speed up healing rate and increase skin hydration. In fact polysaccharides - once absorbed (local absorption) – can attract water from the layer below, inducing a greater skin imbibition.
It is generally known that aloe gel, when utilised for external use, has local anti-inflammatory effects, because it can influence substances determining anti-inflammatory reactions responsible for pain (i.e. effect on bradikynin, on prostaglandin E and tromboxane). Furthermore, laboratory tests have demonstrated that aloe gel stimulates skin and connective tissue production of lymphocytes and fibroblasts: this can represent an accelerating factor for sore healing.
Centella Asiatica, long known for its skin regeneration properties when locally applied, supplements the already outstanding product properties.

Ingredients :
Aqua, Algin, Polyvinyl alcohol, Hydroxypropyl cyclodextrin, Aloe barbadensis, Faex, Centella asiatica, Cellulose gum, Imidazolidinyl urea, Methylparaben.
Directions for use :
  • Clean thoroughly face skin, open one of the pouches, take the mask out and remove its transparent protection liner. Apply mask on face making sure that it adheres completely by pressing down lightly with fingertips. For best results, use mask right after opening the pouch.
  • Leave the mask for about 20 to 30 minutes. It is better to lie down and relax during treatment.
  • Once finished, remove mask gently and throw it away. The ingredients of this mask remain active on skin. Do not wash or moisten skin for at least 30 minutes after treatment.
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