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Article 108-052
10 ml
€ 19.95
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100% Natural Eye Lifting Treatment

Improve the appearance of that sensitive skin around the eye area with our safe and convenient treatment serum.
Vitalsan is pleased to bring you its Eye Lift product which is a revolutionary, semi-permanent treatment serum which is designed to soften lines, reduce puffiness, add radiance and give you a natural lift to your eye area.
The easy-to-use "roller" offers a better hygienic application and an extra dimension to the product since the "roller" will lightly massage the treated parts and therefore stimulate the micro circulation of the skin.
After using Eye Lift, all eyes will be on you.

The Results *
- Reduces the signs of ageing
- Lifting effect
- Reduces puffiness and redness
- Reduces expression lines
- Improves moisture levels
- Protects eyes against the elements
- Tightens skin
- No negative side effects

How it Works
As you get older, your skin‘s biological activity starts to deteriorate and one of the first places this shows, is around your eyes. Our unique formulation contains a special blend of essential elements and antioxidants that reflect the biological activity of youthful skin making you look and feel more attractive, energetic and confident.
Continued use of our innovative formulation will have a tightening, cooling and calming effect on your skin Eye Lift is a fabulous alternative to cosmetic surgery, it makes your eyes sparkle, and is clinically proven to reduce puffiness.

Unique Formulation
Our revolutionary semi-permanent treatment serum contains nature‘s favourite and most effective anti-ageing ingredients:

Active Ingredients
- Sodium Hyaluronate (Liposomal)
- Panthenol
- Ceratonia Siliqua
* Results may vary
Directions for use:
Gently apply serum with the easy-to-use "roller" on the skin around the eyes. Leave it a few minutes, until the serum is dry and completely absorbed. You will feel and see the results. Clean skin and remove make-up for better results. Use twice daily.
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