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Vitalsan’s Promotion offers registered users VERY SPECIAL discounts on product prices of our catalogue

(in case you are not a registered user yet, check the procedure to register)

How to insert a code once registered?
To get your discounts, you need to insert a PROMOTIONS & DISCOUNTS CODE  in PROMOTIONS & DISCOUNTS CODE field on your User Account  page.
The discounted prices are shown on each single item info and will be authomatically applied as soon as the selected item is in your shopping cart.

Where can I get my code ?
The PROMOTION & DISCOUNT CODE is supplied by
- 1 commercials and advertisements.
- 2 partner companies;
- 3 agents worldwide;
- 4 stands at fairs;
- 5 the Vitalsan team, either by direct e-mail request to us after registration 
- 6 or automatically sent to you by e-mail as soon as a special offer or a promotion occurs;

The PROMOTION & DISCOUNT CODE may have an expiry date that comes together with the CODE itself.
(Vitalsan Sales Department can extend it for particular reasons).

What does it look like
A PROMOTIONS & DISCOUNTS CODE is simply a short sequence of figures and letters. See here below some examples:
_Oct I39386_
_FallWin F39173_
_Xmas D39088_
_Wlcm GB39263_

How to obtain it
Send us your request via mail ! We will reply as soon as possible !

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