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Article 120-043
10 Vials x 10 ml 
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The most powerful antioxidant for a total wellbeing.

L-Glutathione is a nutritional supplement whose ingredients are Glutathione, Orange juice and Vitamin C. These substances work in synergy as powerful antioxidants for the general well being of our organism. It is indicated in case of lack or increased need of its components.

L-Glutathione is the most important among the antioxidants produced by our organism. It is constituted by three amino acids (tripeptide): cysteine, glutamic acid and glycine whose combination creates a powerful antioxidant that is a free-radicals neutraliser with a particular anti-ageing action. If joined to selenium, Glutathione forms an enzyme that again has antioxidant functions but at intracellular level and that is able to inhibit even the harmful side effects of high exposures to radiation, chemotherapy and X-rays.
Glutathione also develops a detoxicating action thanks to its ability to chelate, that is to tie itself to an other element, heavy and toxic metals like lead, cadmium, mercury and aluminium. During this operation, Glutathione will remove them from the blood stream and eliminate them from our organism.
This tripeptide helps liver detoxification, thus helping to prevent any possible damages caused by the excessive alcohol consumption and, together with vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium and other anti-oxidants, protects from the eventual harmful effects of smoking.
We must emphasise the anti-ageing role played by Glutathione, which is carried out by eliminating the free radicals that get formed from the lipid peroxidation. Moreover, it prevents free radicals from tying to fibrous proteins of the body, thus fighting collagen hardening and contraction (and therefore wrinkles, lack of arteries elasticity etc). For this reason, Glutathione maintains the circulatory system healthy and "young".
Other important characteristic is its ability to protect the immune system: as years pass by, the level of Glutathione in our organism diminishes. By increasing the level of Glutathione, we can help the immune system stay young.

Ingredients :
De-mineralised water, Fructose, Orange (Citrus sinensis) juice, L-Glutathione, Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid), Potassium Sorbate, Methyl p-hydroxybenzoate, Propyl p-hydroxybenzoate.
Directions for use :
• Take 1 vial a day.
• This is a natural product and deposits are possible. This has no influence on the product quality.
• Please shake well before use.
per 100 ml  
per Dose  
(10 ml)   
Average Analysis
Proteins (Nx6.25)
1,0 g    
0,10 g    
12,0 g    
1,20 g    
Orange juice
5000,0 mg    
500,00 mg    
500,0 mg    
50,00 mg    
Vitamin C
400,0 mg    
40,00 mg    
* Daily recommended percentage / dose
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